The Best Soccer Tactics Books 2024 You Must Read

You want to become a soccer coach, understand the game better as a soccer player, or simply be able to read the game better as an ardent soccer fan? Then the list of the best soccer tactics books is what you need. If you’re looking for more soccer books, here’s a list of the 10 best soccer books.

Inverting The Pyramid

Inverting The Pyramid: The History of Soccer Tactics


  • Provides a comprehensive history of soccer tactics
  • Engaging narrative that captivates the reader
  • Enlightening for both soccer enthusiasts and newcomers


  • Lacks the latest updates on recent tactical evolutions

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07/14/2024 03:41 am GMT

If you’re seeking profound tactical insight into soccer’s evolution, this book is a treasure trove of information.

As a fan always on the hunt for the best soccer books out there, I was intrigued by “Inverting The Pyramid.” It’s an enlightening read that meticulously traces the strategic shifts in soccer from its earliest days to the modern era. Author Jonathan Wilson delivers a masterclass on the subject, enveloping you in the history and intricacies that have shaped the beautiful game.

As someone who thought I had a firm grasp of the game’s tactical aspects, this book expanded my knowledge considerably. Wilson presents his findings with authority, ensuring that each page bursts with valuable insights.

Despite its richness in content, “Inverting The Pyramid” isn’t a light read. It demands attention and a genuine interest in soccer tactics to truly appreciate the wealth of information it offers. Some may find themselves overwhelmed by the depth of detail, but for those with a keen interest in soccer’s tactical evolution, this drawback is also its greatest strength. It’s not often that you come across a book that so thoroughly conveys the nuances of soccer tactics, making this title a standout addition to any sports book collection.

The Mixer

The Mixer: The Story of Premier League Tactics, from Route One to False Nines


  • Offers an in-depth analysis of tactical evolutions
  • Written in an engaging, accessible style
  • Includes historical context that enriches understanding


  • Focuses specifically on the Premier League
  • Some historical segments may not interest casual readers

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07/13/2024 11:41 pm GMT

Anyone looking to deepen their understanding of soccer tactics and the Premier League’s evolution will find this book invaluable.

As someone who’s been immersed in soccer tactics books, “The Mixer” stood out to me as a detailed journey through the Premier League’s development. Michael Cox’s narrative captures the shift from traditional playing styles to the modern, nuanced strategies we see today. The book brings to life the tactical changes that have shaped one of the world’s most thrilling football leagues.

Reading through the pages, I found the analysis of tactical shifts over the years to be as informative as it is intriguing. It’s fascinating to see how strategic transformations have allowed some of the league’s best players to thrive. Cox’s coverage opens your eyes to the aspects of the game that might otherwise go unnoticed during a live match.

Soccer IQ

Soccer IQ: Things That Smart Players Do, Vol. 1


  • Direct and practical tips for players
  • Quick and entertaining to read
  • Enhances understanding of the game


  • Some concepts may be complex for young readers
  • Primarily focused on player development, and less so on coaching techniques

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07/14/2024 02:43 am GMT

I recently had the pleasure of flipping through “Soccer IQ” and what struck me first was its focused approach to sharpening a player’s intelligence on the field. The chapters are lean and purposeful, each a few pages long, making it incredibly easy to digest the contents between drills or matches.

The practicality of the tips caught my attention as they are not just about playing the game but playing it smarter. Having read a fair share of books on soccer, I found this one to differ by not just reiterating the basics but honing in on the nuances that can elevate a player’s game significantly.

For those seeking an in-depth tactical manual, you might find “Soccer IQ” a bit too brief in places. It sets the stage for strategic development without delving too deeply into granular coaching tactics. That said, it’s perfect for players striving to think one step ahead on the pitch, and for that, I warmly recommend it to anyone looking to improve their soccer intellect.

Soccer Strategies

Soccer Strategies: Defensive and Attacking Tactics


  • Enhances understanding of various soccer formations
  • Suitable for players and coaches at multiple levels
  • Offers practical advice and drills


  • Limited depth in certain tactical areas
  • Print format could be improved

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07/14/2024 12:56 am GMT

This concise guide should be on your shelf for its straightforward approach to the complexities of soccer tactics.

When I added “Soccer Strategies” to my collection of soccer tactics books, I noticed an immediate difference in how I perceived the game. The digestible presentation of various defensive and attacking formations allowed me to swiftly apply the concepts during practice sessions.

If you’re looking to deepen your tactical knowledge or just starting out, this book can be a solid addition to your coaching toolkit. While the depth in some areas might leave you wanting more, the overall practical advice remains relevant. Keep in mind that the print format isn’t the most modern, but don’t let that stop you from absorbing the insightful content.

Soccer Modern Tactics

Soccer: Modern Tactics: Italy's Top Coaches Analyze Game Formations Through 180 Situations


  • Provides in-depth tactical analysis useful for coaches and avid learners
  • Includes insights from renowned Italian soccer coaches
  • Easy to understand explanations of complex formations


  • Some diagrams are hard to interpret, particularly in digital format
  • Assumes a baseline knowledge of soccer tactics

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07/14/2024 01:57 am GMT

If you’re serious about deepening your understanding of soccer tactics, this book is a treasure trove of insights from Italy’s coaching elite.

Having just spent my weekend immersed in “Soccer Modern Tactics,” I found it to be an incredibly insightful read. It’s a book that takes you into the depths of tactical knowledge, guided by some of the finest minds in Italian soccer. The sheer detail presented through the analysis of 180 game situations is what struck me the most.

The book did challenge me with its advanced concepts. It’s evident that those without a substantial foundation in soccer tactics might find it tough to grasp some of the intricate details. Yet, for someone with a background in coaching or a player with a keen tactical interest, the depth provided here can truly elevate one’s understanding of the game.


In this section, I’ll address common questions about mastering soccer tactics through soccer tactics books and training methods.

How do you teach tactics in soccer?

To teach tactics in soccer, I typically start with the basics, such as positioning and player roles. I encourage using diagrams and practical drills that replicate match scenarios. Key points include:
Understanding Positions: Familiarize players with different positions and their responsibilities.
Decision Making: Conduct exercises that improve quick thinking under pressure.

How do I start learning football tactics?

Beginning to learn football tactics involves a mix of study and practice. Here’s how I recommend getting started:
Study: Read soccer tactics books that cover foundational strategies.
Analysis: Watch matches, focusing on formations and player decisions.
Practice: Apply what you’ve learned in games or simulations.

How can I improve my tactical knowledge in soccer?

Improving tactical knowledge in soccer is an ongoing process. Here’s what I find effective:
Regular Reading: Stay updated with the latest soccer tactics books.
Active Watching: Analyze live games, noting tactical changes and their effects.

What are your thoughts about the best soccer tactics books? Let us know in the comments!

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