Highest Paid Women Soccer Player 2024: Is The Pay Gap Justified?

Women’s soccer has seen substantial growth in popularity and investment over the past few years, which in turn has led to an increase in remuneration for the players. It’s a progression that mirrors the hard work, dedication, and talent exhibited on the pitch. Prospects for female athletes have never been better, and at the apex of this financial ascension stands the highest paid women soccer player, a title that signifies both talent and marketability.

At the zenith of this elite group is the forward who not only captures the imagination of fans with her skillful play but also commands a significant salary that sets the bar for female soccer players worldwide. This athlete’s earnings reflect not just her prowess during the game but also her commercial appeal, with sponsorships and endorsements amplifying her financial standing in the sport. These financial achievements showcase the evolving landscape of women’s soccer, signaling a positive move towards gender parity in sports compensation.

Top 10 Earning Players

In women’s soccer, salaries have been climbing steadily, reflecting the growing recognition and investment in the sport. At the forefront are the highest paid women soccer players who are not only changing the game on the field but also setting new benchmarks in earnings. Here’s a glimpse at the top earners.

RankPlayerEstimated Annual Salary
1Alex Morgan$800,000
2Sam Kerr $600,000
3Megan Rapinoe$447,000
4Ada Hegerberg$425,000
6Amandine Henry$394,500
7Wendie Renard$392,000
8Lucy Bronze$365,000
9Julie Ertz$360,000
10Carli Lloyd$350,000

These figures represent a combination of club salaries, endorsements, and national team stipends. While there remain disparities when compared to their male counterparts, it’s clear that the tide is shifting. Women soccer players like these are at the helm of this change, not just owing to their skill level but also due to their marketability and influence.

Evolution of Women’s Soccer

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The landscape of women’s soccer has seen significant change, notably influencing the stature of the highest paid women soccer player.

Historical Milestones

Women’s soccer has crossed numerous historical milestones. The first recorded women’s soccer match took place in 1895 in England, and the sport has flourished globally since. Women’s soccer gained substantial recognition with the inception of the FIFA Women’s World Cup in 1991. The tournament showcased the prowess of female players on an international stage and has been a recurring event every four years.

Wage Disparities and Public Discourse

The dialogue around wage disparities in women’s soccer has been loud and impactful. For instance, in 2019, when the highest-paid female soccer player, Ada Hegerberg, earned $469,000 in salary, it was minuscule compared to her male counterparts like Lionel Messi, who earned considerably more. However, efforts for equal pay have led to changes, signifying a positive shift in compensation. Public discourse and legal action, as in the case of the US Women’s National Team’s lawsuit for equal pay, have propelled the issue to the forefront of sports equality debates.

Comparison With Men’s Soccer

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Even as the highest paid women soccer player garners increased recognition, a stark contrast with the earnings in men’s soccer persists. This section probes into the financial disparities and commercial revenue differences between the men’s and women’s game.

Pay Gap Analysis

In the realm of soccer, the earnings divergence between male and female athletes is substantial. According to Forbes, while top male footballers like Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, and Kylian Mbappé each earned upwards of $40 million, the financial ceiling for women, even among the highest earners, is distinctly lower. Female soccer players at the professional level often experience a steep pay gap, receiving a fraction of what their male counterparts make.

Commercial Revenue Differences

Commercial revenue, a significant stream of income in sports, follows the trend of pay discrepancies. Men’s soccer generally attracts greater sponsorship deals, broader media coverage, and larger audiences, which contribute to higher overall revenues. These factors, in turn, influence athlete salaries. Gender pay gap analysis in women’s soccer indicates that the lower revenue and media presence in comparison to men’s soccer directly affect the earning potential of female soccer players.

Future Trends

The pursuit to become the highest paid women soccer player is influenced by economic patterns and the evolving landscape of the sport. Growth in player salaries and the expansion of women’s soccer into new regions are key elements shaping this trajectory.

Salary Growth Predictions

Historical data indicates a steady increase in earnings for top female soccer talents. For instance, according to Forbes, Alex Morgan was recognized as the world’s highest-earning female soccer player in early 2023. This trend is expected to continue as sponsorships surge and investment in women’s leagues intensifies, potentially narrowing the pay gap with men’s soccer over time. This leads to predictions that future contracts will be more lucrative, setting new records for the highest paid women soccer players.

Emerging Markets for Women’s Soccer

There’s an observable surge in international interest in women’s soccer, translating to new revenue streams. Countries previously untapped are now establishing professional leagues, attracting global talent and increasing wages. As these markets fortify, they will likely contribute to rising salaries and expanded opportunities for women soccer players to claim higher paychecks.

My Opinion on Highest Paid Women Soccer Player

Highest Paid Women Soccer Player Highest Paid Women Soccer Player + Highest Paid Women Soccer Player
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It is often said that it is unfair that women earn less than men in soccer. However, I find this statement unfair. Men’s soccer has been around much longer and has had to go through a lot on the way to where it is today. But in the end, it’s the consumer who decides whether something is successful or not. There is a lot more money in men’s soccer, which also has its disadvantages (corruption at Fifa/UEFA, etc.), which naturally means that players’ salaries are significantly higher than those of women. Therefore, in my opinion, it makes no sense to compare the two and certainly not to demand the same for women’s soccer.

Especially as the professionalism is nowhere near the same level as in men’s soccer. It just comes with time and has to develop. That’s why we shouldn’t frantically search for and compare grievances, but rather support the sport we love so much, regardless of whether it’s for men or women.

When women’s soccer has grown organically and reached the same level as men’s soccer and women still earn less, only then will this discussion have a basis in my opinion.


Discovering who reigns as the highest paid women soccer player reveals much about the evolving landscape of women’s soccer.

Who is the highest-paid woman soccer player?

As of March 2023, Alex Morgan leads as the top earner in women’s soccer, with annual earnings that set the bar for female footballers around the world.

Who is the most expensive woman in soccer?

The term “most expensive” typically refers to the transfer fees paid for a player’s move between clubs. However, in terms of salary, Alex Morgan has commanded a significant wage, showcasing her market value.

How much do female soccer players earn?

Female soccer players’ earnings can vary widely, but reports show top-tier players like Sam Kerr can earn close to €800,000 per annum, with salaries across the sport reflecting a range from modest to lucrative.

If you want to know how much an average MLS soccer player earns, click here.

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