NC State Women’s Soccer 2024: Everything You Need To Know about the Wolfpacks

NC State Women’s Soccer team is forging ahead in the competitive world of collegiate athletics. With dedication and teamwork, this group of athletes displays an impressive skill set on the field. Sports enthusiasts and fans of the Wolfpack follow their endeavors, as the team consistently works to enhance their performance and stand out in the NCAA Division I women’s soccer landscape.

The team’s schedule is meticulously planned to challenge and hone their abilities, featuring a mix of home and away games. They showcase their tactical prowess at the Dail Soccer Stadium, where fans rally to support them in their athletic pursuits. With each passing season, the Wolfpack demonstrates a commitment to excellence, striving to climb up the ranks and make their mark in the collegiate soccer scene.

History and Legacy

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The journey of NC State women’s soccer encompasses a storied past of significant milestones and individuals whose influence extends beyond the pitch.

Founding and Early Years

NC State University launched its women’s soccer program in 1984 under the stewardship of head coach Larry Gross. The fledgling team made an impressive entrance onto the collegiate soccer scene, ending their inaugural season with only one defeat, underscored by a formidable 11-1-4 record. The early years laid a firm foundation of excellence, setting the precedent for future success.

Notable Achievements

Throughout its history, the NC State women’s soccer team has achieved remarkable notable feats. Thori (Staples) Bryan, a key player from 1992 to 1995, was honored as the university’s only four-time All-ACC selection and was a three-time first team All-American. She was also named North Carolina’s Female Athlete of the Year in 1994, a testament to her exceptional skills and contribution to the team.

Distinguished Coaches and Players

Coach Larry Gross was instrumental in the early establishment of the women’s soccer program and its initial success. Over the years, many players have left their mark on the program, but few have shined as brightly as Thori (Staples) Bryan, who became known for her defensive prowess and versatility on the field. Her accolades include being NC State’s first four-time All-ACC selection and a beacon for aspiring athletes.

Team Profile

The NC State women’s soccer team is a strong contender in collegiate sports, representing NC State University with a dynamic roster and strategic play.

Current Roster

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  • Aisley Snell
  • Olivia Pratapas
  • Maria Echezaretta
  • Emily Earles


  • Brianna Weber
  • Mackenzie Smith
  • Alex Mohr
  • Fernando Soto
  • Madison Reid
  • Brooklyn Holt
  • Taylor Chism


  • Emika Kawagishi
  • Rosalie Olou
  • Annika Wohner
  • Jaiden Thomas
  • Marry Frances Symmes
  • Sarah Arnold
  • Eliza Rich
  • Sophia Hernandez


  • Leyah Hall-Robinson
  • Hannah Jibril
  • Jade Bordeleau
  • Mia Vaughan
  • Jameese Joseph
  • Alexis Strickland
  • Brianna Holt
  • Cienna Kim

Coaching Staff

Head Coach:

  • Tim Santoro

Assistant Coaches:

  • Sebastian Vecchio
  • Maddy Haro

Team Formation and Strategy


  • 4-3-3, allowing for a versatile attack and solid defensive structure.


  • Focus on possession-based play and high pressing when out of possession. They leverage the speed of their forwards to exploit defensive weaknesses.

Seasonal Performance

The “NC State Women’s Soccer” team has shown moments of brilliance, faced tough competition, and engaged in intense rivalries that define their seasonal performance.

Championship Participation

Their pursuit of excellence often leads them towards championship games, wherein every match’s stakes are at their peak. Although they face top-ranked adversaries, NC State women’s soccer never shies away from the challenge, aiming to climb higher in the NCAA rankings each year.

Rivalries and Significant Matches

Rivalries fuel the competitive spirit of NC State’s team. Matches against teams like Notre Dame carry significant weight, forging memorable encounters and adding vitality to the team’s rich history of competitive sports.

Scouting and scholarship System

The NC State women’s soccer team, part of NCAA Division I, scouts talented athletes for its competitive program. Coaches seek players at high school games, club matches, and through recruiting services like SportsRecruits. Scholarships are offered to cover various college costs, with amounts varying annually.

The current midfielder Annika Wohner is an example of how the foreign scouting system works. She comes from Germany, where she was scouted by Bayern Munich and then brought to the USA on a scholarship.

Recruits come from all over the globe, enhancing the team’s diversity and play level. Candidates must meet academic standards and register with the NCAA Eligibility Center. Prospective players can express interest by completing an NC State Women’s Soccer Recruiting Questionnaire, providing details on their soccer experience and academics.

Fan Engagement

Engaging with the fans is a vital aspect of the NC State Women’s Soccer team’s presence both on and off the field. From dedicated fan clubs to active social media communication, there is a consistent effort to maintain a strong connection with the community.

Fan Clubs and Organizations

NC State Women’s Soccer has a passionate fan base that is organized through various fan clubs and organizations. These groups provide a structured way for fans to show their support for the team. Tailgate events, watch parties, and special game-day gatherings are just a few of the many activities these clubs host to connect fans and foster a vibrant sporting atmosphere.

Social Media Presence

The team’s social media presence is a testament to their dedication to engaging with fans. They frequently post updates, behind-the-scenes content, and interact with their followers, ensuring fans are well informed and feel like part of the team. Their active role on social media platforms provides a direct line of communication that both informs and entertains their audience.

Community Outreach Programs

Community outreach is another cornerstone of the team’s fan engagement strategy. NC State Women’s Soccer players and coaching staff often participate in community events and programs that not only help to establish a loyal fan base but also give back to the local community. From soccer clinics for young athletes to charity fundraisers, these efforts show the team’s commitment to being a positive force in Raleigh and beyond.

Media Coverage and Communications

Engagement with fans and the community through media plays a crucial role in raising the profile of NC State women’s soccer. This section offers insights into how the team navigates the media landscape.

Local and National Media Coverage

NC State women’s soccer gains exposure through a mix of local and national media coverage. Prominent sports networks often feature match highlights, player interviews, and expert analysis, shining a spotlight on the team’s performance and achievements. The coverage ranges from game recaps published by local news outlets to feature pieces on athletes that make the national spotlight.

Press Releases and Announcements

The NC State University Athletics press releases serve as an official mode of communication to address significant developments within the women’s soccer team. These announcements keep fans informed about upcoming games, roster updates, and player accolades, such as Jameese Joseph earning Third Team All-ACC Honors. They are essential for maintaining a clear and direct line of communication with the media and supporters.

Media Relations

Effective media relations are a cornerstone of NC State women’s soccer communications strategy. The team works meticulously with both the local and sports-specific press to ensure coverage is accurate and beneficial for the program. Training sessions and matches are sometimes streamed live, such as the encounter against No. 1 North Carolina, providing additional content for media outlets and increasing the team’s presence in sports broadcasts.

My opinion on NC State Women’s Soccer

The performance of NC State women’s soccer team this past season demonstrates a determined unit with both high moments and areas in need of improvement. They had a rocky journey, but their tenacity on the field was notable.

Their season saw moments of brilliance, such as the strategic play leading to their victory over Syracuse. This match showcased the tactical acumen of the team, utilizing strong defensive cohesion and attacking efficiency. Despite these highlights, the team also faced struggles, specifically in matches like their defeat at No. 1 Florida State, which exposed gaps that require attention.

Here are a few key takeaways from the season:

  • Offense: Had flashes of potency but lacked consistent goal-scoring.
  • Defense: Generally robust, yet lapses in key games cost them dearly.
  • Team Spirit: The side’s resilience, even after setbacks, was commendable.

With a focus on these aspects, specifically tightening the defensive ranks and nurturing consistent scorers, the team can build on this year’s campaign to progress further. Under the helm of Coach Tim Santoro, continued growth and strategic advancements are likely in store for the Wolfpack, as suggested by their historical development and performance.

In any case, the Wolfpack stand out with their good work in player development and scouting. That’s why we might see some players on the list of the world’s highest earners in the future.


The NC State women’s soccer team’s competitiveness brings up many questions among fans and enthusiasts.

In Which League Do the NC State Women’s Soccer Play?

The NC State women’s soccer team competes in the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC), known for its high level of collegiate play and rigorous competition.

What is your opinion about the NC State Women’s Soccer? Let us know in the comments!

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