Soccer Legends 2022: Who Dominated The Year?

The 2022 World Cup in Qatar had a particularly significant impact on the soccer year, as it went down in history as the first Winter World Cup. This meant that the league operations had to be planned more compactly and therefore had a major impact on the Western soccer world. We have compiled a list of the 10 biggest Soccer Legends 2022.

Soccer Legends 2022

The year 2022 showcased exceptional talent and memorable moments in the world of soccer. Renowned players etched their names into history with remarkable achievements and performances in major tournaments.

1. Messi

soccer legends 2022 Soccer Legends 2022 + Lionel Messi
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Thanks to Argentina’s World Cup victory, in which he played a major part, no one else can really be in the number 1 position. He has also delivered at club level with 24 assists and 17 goals in 37 appearances for PSG. This is probably the last year that Lionel Messi will be on a top list. Well Done Legend.

2. Mbappe

soccer legends 2022 Soccer Legends 2022 + Kylian Mbappe
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Another top performer at the 2022 World Cup and Messi’s teammate at PSG finishes in first place. Mbappe dominated the World Cup with his goals and ended up as the competition’s top scorer with 8 goals. But that wasn’t enough to win the World Cup, he was eliminated in the final against Messi’s Argentina. With 43 goals and 16 assists, he was the Club Intern in 2022 over Messi.

3. Kevin De Bruyne

soccer legends 2022 Soccer Legends 2022 + Kevin De Bruyne
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The midfielder proved once again at Man City that he is one of the greatest midfielders of all time. Personally, it seems to me that many people don’t see it that way. Maybe because he plays for City, a rather unpopular club, or because he is a rather introverted person, but De Bruyne was once again one of the best players in the world in 2022.

4. Bellingham

soccer legends 2022 Soccer Legends 2022 + Jude Bellingham
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If I had written this article in January 2023, Bellingham would probably not have appeared on the 4. But knowing that he is currently one of the best players in the world at Real Madrid, I have to put him on the 4. The year 2022 was the year in which he laid the foundation for the world’s best, for the future ballon d’or. He was the best player in the Bundesliga and almost led BVB to their first championship in 10 years in 22/23.

5. Erling Haaland

soccer legends 2022 Soccer Legends 2022 + Erling Haaland
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26 goals in 22 appearances in his first half-season at Manchester City, in the strongest league in the world at the age of 22? Erling Haaland already showed his class in the first six months with Borussia Dortmund, and in the second half of the year he rose to the top of the world with City. It felt like every week there was a newspaper report that he had broken a new record.

6. Karim Benzema

soccer legends 2022 Soccer Legends 2022 + Karim Benzema
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The first half of 2022 was Karim Benzema’s half-year. In the late fall of his career, he gave Real Madrid another 28 goals and 7 assists, despite being injured for most of the second half of 2022. That’s also the reason why he doesn’t end up higher in this list. He crowned the year with a Champions League win and the Ballon d’Or.

7. Rafael Leão

soccer legends 2022 Soccer Legends 2022 + Rafael Leao
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Before the Italian fans go crazy, here is the reason why AC Milan have returned to the top of Serie A after 11 years. Rafael Leão has impressed with exceptional performances, especially in the 21/22 season, i.e. the first half of 2022, and should therefore not be missing from this list.

8. Victor Osimhen

soccer legends 2022 Soccer Legends 2022 + Victor Osimhen
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Osimhen was probably one of the most hotly traded players in the world in the 2023 transfer window. This was due to the fact that he bombed Serie A in 2022 with his 19 goals and 6 assists.

9. Christopher Nkunku

soccer legends 2022 Soccer Legends 2022 + Christopher Nkunku
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25 goals, 10 assists, DFB Cup victory and player of the season 21/22 in the Bundesliga give Nkunku 9th place in this list. An absolute freak year in 2022 has Chelsea paying 60 million in the summer of 2023.

10. Robert Lewandowski

soccer legends 2022 Soccer Legends 2022 + Robert Lewandowski
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41 goals and 14 assists in 2022 and still only 10th place? This is a deliberate reflection of Lewandowski’s career. A player who was probably the best striker in the world for over 5 years and yet never received the individual recognition he deserved.

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