Hummel Soccer Gear: Revolutionizing Comfort and Style on the Field

Hummel soccer has become a hallmark of quality and style in the world of sports apparel. With a legacy that dates back to 1923, hummel has established itself as a key player, boasting a rich history of outfitting some of the world’s most renowned soccer teams. Known for their distinctive chevron patterns and commitment to design, the brand has consistently delivered sportswear that combines functionality with a fashionable edge.

At the heart of hummel’s success is its dedication to innovation while honoring the spirit of the beautiful game. The brand’s offerings are not merely about making an aesthetic statement on the pitch; they are crafted to enhance performance. From the grassroots to professional leagues, hummel provides athletes with gear that supports the physical demands of soccer.

Every piece of hummel soccer apparel reflects the brand’s ethos of ‘Change the world through sport.’ This isn’t just a tagline; it’s a philosophy that drives hummel’s approach to manufacturing and its social responsibility initiatives. By embracing the power of sport to unite people, hummel continues to be a significant presence in soccer cultures around the globe.

History of Hummel Soccer

Hummel Soccer has established a legacy in the sports world, renowned for its blend of innovative designs and rich heritage stemming from the early 20th century.

Brand Origins

The journey of Hummel began in 1923 when Albert Messmer, an enterprising visionary, identified a gaping need in the soccer market. He observed players struggling on the wet pitch and ingeniously conceived the idea for a more functional soccer shoe, essentially birthing the Hummel soccer brand. This German-founded company later transitioned its base to Aarhus, Denmark, solidifying its status in the sports apparel industry.

Milestones in Soccer Apparel

Throughout its history, Hummel Soccer has hit numerous milestones, marking its evolution and impact on the game. With a reputation for quality and style, Hummel became a trendsetter in sports apparel. Notably in 2013, the brand celebrated its 90th birthday by re-releasing a range of heritage styles, echoing the company’s longstanding dedication to soccer. Their ability to intertwine functionality with style kept them at the forefront of soccer gear, much to the delight of players and fans. Hummel’s apparel captured the market with unique designs that catered to the rigorous demands of the beautiful game while making notable strides in the fashion world.

Hummel Soccer Partnerships

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In recent years, hummel soccer has become synonymous with collaborative efforts in the footballing world, forging alliances with clubs to enhance their presence on and off the field. These partnerships reflect hummel’s commitment to soccer, showcasing the brand’s distinctive chevrons on kits and training gear across various leagues.

North America

  • Texoma FC: Forging a path in USL League One play starting 2025, Texoma FC has partnered with hummel for their home, away, and alternate kits.
  • Des Moines Menace: The club recently announced hummel as its kit partner for the 2024 season, providing on-field and off-field apparel.


  • Everton FC: Hummel has been the kit sponsor for Everton.

Full-Service Offerings

  • Hummel’s services extend beyond just kit supply, as they offer a full-service design studio and dedicated customer success representatives to their partner clubs.

Ongoing Partnerships

These partnerships underline hummel’s strategy of integrating into the fabric of soccer communities, strengthening the game’s culture while expanding their global footprint.

Hummel Soccer Products

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Hummel soccer is renowned for its innovative soccer products encompassing advanced footwear technologies, tailored apparel, and distinctive accessories. Their offerings also include personalized team kits and various sponsorships that solidify their reputation in the soccer community.

Footwear Technologies

Hummel’s soccer footwear line is integrated with cutting-edge technologies aimed at enhancing player performance. Specific models boast features such as enhanced grip, superior ball control, and ergonomic fit to support swift movements on the field. For instance, meticulous stitch patterns and cushioning systems work together to provide both comfort and durability.

Apparel and Accessories

Apparel: Hummel offers a range of soccer apparel designed with functionality and comfort in mind. Their products include jerseys, shorts, and training gear, all utilizing breathable fabrics and the latest in moisture-wicking technology. This ensures players remain dry and comfortable throughout the game.

Accessories: Aside from clothing, Hummel soccer provides an assortment of soccer-related accessories. Their collection features essential items such as high-quality soccer balls crafted for optimal aerodynamics and a variety of ball bags for convenient transportation and storage.

Team Kits and Sponsorships

Hummel is a trusted name for soccer teams seeking quality team kits. They supply kits that blend tradition with modern design, customized to meet the unique needs of each team. Hummel’s commitment to soccer extends to sponsorships, where they support teams and organizations, further influencing the sport’s growth on a global scale.


In this section, we will answer some frequently asked questions about the hummel soccer brand, providing specific information on the company’s origins and production practices.

Who is behind the hummel brand?

Hummel is a historic Danish sports brand that has been closely associated with soccer since its inception in 1923. They’ve been outfitting teams like Real Madrid, Tottenham Hotspur, and the Danish National team.

Where does hummel Sport produce?

Hummel Sport’s products are manufactured with a commitment to ethical practices and corporate social responsibility. The company ensures a high standard of quality across its wide range of soccer-related apparel and equipment.

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