Why Do Soccer Players Walk Out With Kids 2024: Future of Soccer?

Soccer players walking out with kids before a match is a heartwarming image for fans around the world. But have you ever wondered why do soccer players walk out with kids? This tradition, which involves young children accompanying the players onto the field, has multiple layers of significance and serves various purposes.

One key reason for this practice is to enhance the experience for young fans, giving them an opportunity to stand next to their heroes and even live out their dreams, if only for a few minutes. It’s also a way for clubs to connect with their communities and foster a family-friendly atmosphere at the game. Starting at events such as the World Cup, the use of “player escorts”, often referred to as mascots, has become a staple in soccer culture.

From time to time there are also future stars among the children. Mario Götze, for example, was once one of these children and then shot Germany to the World Cup in Brazil in 2014 (why does Brazil regularly produce such good footballers?). So sometimes it’s worth paying closer attention to the children, maybe you’ll see them in the professional game in a few years’ time.

Why Do Soccer Players Walk Out With Kids Historical Background

Soccer players walking out with children is a respected tradition with a significant meaning rooted in history.

Origin of the Tradition

The tradition where soccer players walk out with kids started as a symbol of innocence and the game’s commitment to youth and their communities. It began to gain popularity in the 1990s as a way to connect the sport with younger generations and to promote children’s rights and charities.

Evolution Over Time

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As the practice continued, it evolved to serve various purposes, including as a form of sponsorship and advertisement, with some parents paying for their child to have the opportunity. Over the years, the practice has become a standard in international tournaments and club matches, often tied to corporate social responsibility efforts by soccer organizations.

Cultural Significance

The tradition of why soccer players walk out with kids is steeped with cultural layers that symbolize unity, inspiration, and respect within the global soccer community.

Symbolic Meanings

  • Unity: When soccer players take the pitch with children by their side, it represents the unity between athletes and the younger generation. The gesture signifies passing on a legacy and love for the game, inviting children to share in the sport’s collective spirit.
  • Inspiration: This tradition is also a source of inspiration for the kids. They experience a unique opportunity to stand alongside their idols, fostering their dreams to perhaps one day grace the same fields as players.
  • Respect: Walking out with kids demonstrates respect and acknowledgement that soccer is more than just a game; it’s a community event bringing together people of all ages.

Logistics and Arrangements

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The logistics and arrangements of why do soccer players walk out with kids involves structured coordination between organizing bodies and clearly defined processes for child selection. This ensures each match’s walkout is a seamless experience.


The responsibility for the coordination of children walking out with soccer players often lies with the football associations and local youth clubs. These entities collaborate to facilitate the walkouts, which serve symbolic purposes and aim to inspire future generations. Events such as the UEFA Champions League or FIFA World Cup have their own protocols, where collaboration extends to include tournament organizers and sponsors who sometimes have specific programs or initiatives linked to the practice.

Process for Selection

The selection of children for accompanying soccer players onto the pitch can vary by event and club. Some common methods include:

  • Contests or Lotteries: Many clubs offer contests or lottery systems where young fans can enter to win the chance to walk out with a player.
  • Partnerships: Clubs may also partner with local schools or youth organizations to select children for game-day experiences.
  • Paid Opportunities: There are instances where parents can pay for their child to escort a player, providing an easy way for clubs to earn extra revenue while giving kids a memorable experience.
  • Promotional Activities: Certain walkouts are part of promotional activities where children represent a cause or a charity for awareness, working closely with sponsors.

These methods are planned out with meticulous detail to ensure a fair and organized approach that reflects positively on the club and provides an unforgettable experience for the children involved.

Benefits and Impact

Soccer players walking out with kids is a tradition with multifaceted advantages, affecting young lives and enriching the sport itself.

Impact on Children

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Children holding hands with soccer stars as they enter the pitch are gifted with an unforgettable experience that promotes a sense of belonging and inspiration. Through this tradition, they can feel intimately connected to the sport, potentially igniting a passion that could shape their future involvement in soccer, whether as players, fans, or contributors to the game. The kids also benefit from the cultural exchange when international events bring together children from diverse backgrounds.

Benefits to the Sport

For soccer as a sport, having players walk onto the field with children serves as a strong visual statement about the game’s values and its commitment to community and youth involvement. It presents an image of athletes as role models and conveys a message that soccer cares about its younger generation. This gesture not only attracts the attention of fans but also fosters a friendly, family-oriented atmosphere that can enhance the game’s appeal globally. It reminds everyone that sport isn’t just about competition; it’s also about unity and fostering dreams.

My Opinion on Why Soccer Players Walk Out With Kids

In my view, the tradition of soccer players walking out with children is a powerful one. It offers a moment of unity and showcases the sport’s dedication to community and youth engagement. Whether the practice began as part of a campaign, possibly to raise awareness or as a way to involve community, the symbolism has evolved. It has become a poignant reminder of the game’s broader cultural and emotional resonance, beyond the sport itself. The children walking onto the field side by side with their idols encapsulate a hope that the sport will continue to foster a sense of camaraderie, discipline, and joy in future generations.


One might wonder why do soccer players walk out with kids during matches. This practice, especially evident during high-profile games like the World Cup, has multiple purposes.

Why are there children in the World Cup?

Children are present at the World Cup as part of a tradition aimed to promote the game amongst the young generation and symbolize the future of the sport. They serve as mascots and often emanate the ideals of unity and innocence that the event advocates.

Why do footballers come out with little kids?

Footballers walk out with little kids before the match to inspire these children, create a family-friendly atmosphere, and support various charitable causes. It’s an event that can foster children’s interest in the sport and give them a memorable experience.

Who are the kids at the start of football games?

The kids that accompany soccer players onto the field are usually from youth sports programs, local communities, or selected through contests and partnerships with charities. These moments are cherished by the children and are seen as a gesture of inclusivity and connection to the community.

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