Football is all about passion, it’s about fighting for the shirt, for your team, and for the supporters.

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soccer haircuts

Soccer Haircuts 2024: 5 Haircuts You Must Show Your Barber

ByAhmed Mikail ÖzdemirApr 7, 20242 min read

When I grew up with soccer (2000/10s), young up-and-coming players often had striking hair, the best example being El Sharawy. by Pinterest Half of my team walked around with that haircut back then. Today, soccer haircuts plays an even bigger role than it did back then. Hairdressers travel all the way and cut the players’ hair just before the game so that everything is just right. That’s why we’ve picked…

Soccer vs Football Cleats

Soccer vs Football Cleats: The Differences

ByAhmed Mikail ÖzdemirApr 5, 20247 min read

When it comes to field sports, the shoes athletes wear are pivotal to their performance. The debate between soccer vs football cleats often arises, given both sports’ immense popularity and…

Hummel Soccer

Hummel Soccer Gear: Revolutionizing Comfort and Style on the Field

ByAhmed Mikail ÖzdemirApr 1, 20246 min read

Hummel soccer has become a hallmark of quality and style in the world of sports apparel. With a legacy that dates back to 1923, hummel has established itself as a…

soccer ladder drills

Ultimate Soccer Ladder Drills 2024: 10 Explosive Moves

ByAhmed Mikail ÖzdemirMar 29, 20246 min read

Soccer ladder drills are a dynamic way to enhance your quickness and agility, which are essential qualities on the pitch. When you incorporate these drills into your training regimen, you’re…

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